Sunday and Monday at the Parc des Bastions

wortel's infamous slurping sound, long version by ludeo

wortel's infamous slurping sound, short version by ludeo

Superb weather at the Parc des Bastions, although it has been a bit too hot for some. Like last year, the temperature discouraged any try to play bughouse on the giant boards, but it didn't discourage us to play a 16-player multi-bughouse, opposing a dutch team (with two intruders) to a "rest of the world" team. The result of the 8- or 9-round match is still not completely clear, but it looked like the dutchies won it ( I heard scores all the way from 4-4 to 7-3 when asking different people).

You were there ? Tell us an anecdote ! Author*

nabla08.08.2004, 14:47:17
I tend to think that the reputation that english food got in the the rest of Europe is mainly due to ignorance. For instance, if I am making fun about FantasticCat's grape+cheese sandwich, it's probably just because I didn't try it.

nabla08.08.2004, 14:51:43
pagloppaglop told me this one : when he was playing multi-bughouse, his partner venomous came to his board and took all the pieces form his hands telling him "I need them !". pagloppaglop then had to sit as he needed a blocker.

nabla12.08.2004, 14:31:30
Also coming from pagloppaglop : knowing that Zola hates to play a final blitz, in one game where he had less than 10 seconds, all the gang of Dutchies told him "gogogogogogogogogo!" while Zola moved his hands above the board and lost on time without managing to touch a single piece.

Nathalie12.08.2004, 14:32:35
The slurping of wortel was far more intensive, taking longer and
disgusting than Ludeo has managed to copy.

Nathalie12.08.2004, 14:33:19
The funny thing is though that within hours of time people started to 'answer' these slurps. It looked like a group of animals that answered eachothers call on long distances. Impossible to ever disappear again in irl bughouse.

Nathalie12.08.2004, 14:34:05
Funny comments like 'NO KNIGHT!!' or: 'Low!!' were yelled out at the very start of the 8 vs. 8 games

tjeulesbetes14.08.2004, 23:02:42
an interesting replica heard during the multi-bughouse : a player shouted "I need a knight". then, realizing that knights were traded by the opposite team while he didn't get any, he gave the precision : "I need a WHITE knight"... then white knights were traded ...but by the opposite team so he still didn't get any, so he then shouted something like "wit paat" (not sure about the spelling) which I understood as "DUTCH PARTNERS, bring me a WHITE knight" ... and finally got it !

Nathalie20.08.2004, 11:20:20
(wit paard) And the score was either 7-3 or 6-4.

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