Saturday, the final

The final went about smoothly for Ferdinando Galeno and Firefly, the latter managing some excellent coaching despite of the language barrier. The final was to be played in 8 games, but Firefly and Ferdinando would have won in case of a 4-4 (because of their win in the regular tournament).

First game:

Firefly: Don't play!
Ferdinando: What?
Firefly: Don't play!
Ferdinando (to me): Fabrice, ├ža veut dire quoi?
Me: Joue pas!

This game made Ferdinando especially proud, after he was given by Firefly the two mating moves (1-0).

Second game:

Firefly gets mated by Hung Fioramonti with a Q@h8+ drop and says "I resign", which gets unnoticed by Ferdinando. A second "I resign" gets misunderstood. A third "I resign" gets Ferdinando to ask what is going on, and one spectator explains it to him. Ferdinando then turns to Firefly and says "Quoi?? You abandonne??" (1-1).

Third game:

Colours reversed: Hung gets mated by Firefly with a R@h8+ drop... (2-1).

Fourth game:

Ferdinando has a mate against Fabrice Delay and Firefly tries to give him the move by saying "knight f5". Ferdinando repeats "knight f5" and proceed to search for the square; when he finally finds it, Firefly notices that he is about to drop a bishop there instead and corrects him. Mate in two then (3-1).

Fifth game:

Ferdinando's early sac on f7 doesn't get through, while the extra sacced stuff allows Fabrice to inject Firefly. Hung and Fabrice win the game a lot of stuff up (3-2).

Sixth game:

How to give good moves to your partner without giving him the impression of being a puppy? That is where Firefly shows psychology by telling Ferdinando "rook somewhere on the d-file, pinning the knight" instead of just "rook d2". Ferdinando gives it a 20 seconds think and puts the rook on d2, after which Firefly congratulates him by "oh that's the best square, you're doing good!". Who wouldn't like to partner this guy?

The move actually allowed Ferdinando to hold this position and even win some stuff, with which Firefly mated on the other board.