Monday, bughouse night

There were only four of us left for the late Monday evening at Tjeulesbetes' place: the latter, Ishamael, Firefly and me. Well, four is not a bad number as soon as everybody in the group is a bughouse maniac and hasn't had enough of the previous week-end. Tjeulesbetes is known to like non-changing teams ("wait, how can I play the hard way against somebody I was partnering just before?"), so me and him basically keeped being eeked by Firefly and Ishamael all the way long.

We played outdoors, after it took us some time to solve the lightning problem. After some tries with "normal" lamps, the solution came only from a higher and quite unusual lamp (see the second picture!), favourite of Tjeulesbetes' mother, that we set on the table. It was fortunately (the adverb may be a matter of taste) more solid than it looked, as it went down to the floor while Tjeulesbetes' mother stepped on the electrical wire, but got only one petal broken (one petal? I told you to look at the second picture).

After it was decided that we were too noisy (had someone hoped for silent bughouse?) for the neighbours, the remaining of the play was rerouted to the kitchen, where we played up to 3:30 AM, official time of closing for the gathering.