Thank you!

The 2007 thank you is very special, because it is the whole organization of the gathering that Rodolphe Francey took over. It has been heart-warming to see the Geneva gathering happen again, although I was unable to do the job myself. Thanks a lot Rodolphe, you did great !

As for the other thanks, I should better open a discussion board here, so that Rodolphe himself can use it...

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Marv03.09.2007, 17:45:44
Indeed, thanks for the gathering, the whole program, the hospitality, the chocolate, the drinks, the good weather, thanks to my partner for being patient with me and my temper. I forgot how great a place to visit geneva is, but theres no doubt that i will try my very best to come back next year. Jadranka says thanks too, she enjoyed it just as much as i did!

Cranith27.05.2008, 13:41:33
Thanks gents for a great tourney and the wonderful bug in the Parc des Bastions. Being on vacation with my wife and son in a camper through Switserland, it was by no means trivial to convince my beloved better half to accept a whole day of "chess". We had a great time in Geneva (and Switserland). The kilo's of chocolate I "won" with Ishamael in the tourney was meant for the folks back home, but it never got there, I can assure you. Another good reason to try and make it to this years gathering.

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