Monday, July 10

This day, to which only FICS players participated, did not start very well, as continuous and and profuse rain forbidded outdoors play in the Parc de Bastions, redirecting participants to Echecs-Club Bois-Gentil. This unfortunately did for an organisational misunderstanding, leading to the fact that Tjeulesbetes, MiRU and marv could join the others only after a two hours delay.
Together with krat, nabla, marcusm, Tecumseh and chambesy, during some time players tried some exotic variants, the more popular being Extinction Bughouse. In Extinction Chess the rule is that you have to keep one piece of each kind on the board in order not to lose the game (king included of course); this variant does marry very well with Bughouse, even if it generally does for quite quick games. After an hour of this - enough for krat to say a dozen times "I don't get the point of this game" - Tjeulesbetes complained that he had never been able to finish a game, decision always happening on his partner's (MiRU) board, whether winning or losing.
Then it was back to some regular bughouse, and in the evening it was decided to move to Tjeulesbetes' place for some billiards among other activities, and for a double birthday celebration (marcusm and nabla had both had their birthday on July 6).