The participants

On the picture, the first quoted player is always left!

Real name FICS handle Country
Maarten Aronsson Firefly Sweden
Ferdinando Galeno aigle Switzerland
Laurent Bartholdi bartholdi Switzerland
Quentin Bogousslavsky   Switzerland
Matthias Carno pagloppaglop France
Lionel Belin clanelle France
Vincent Berger   Switzerland
Jacques Sauvin   Switzerland
Alenxander Cherniaev   Russia
Jochem Snuverink Ishamael Netherlands
Fabrice Delay   Switzerland
Hung Fioramonti karouge Switzerland
Thierry Fragnière   Switzerland
Laurent Vilaseca   Switzerland
Rodolphe Francey Tjeulesbetes Switzerland
Jean-Pierre Vegh jeanpi Switzerland
Sandro Schmid   Switzerland
Robert Hauser   Switzerland
Philippe Morath zola Switzerland
Robert Huber MiRU Germany
Jean-Pierre Trang   Switzerland
Kevin Trang   Switzerland
Stefan Wolf RalfiZoeller Germany
Ralf Zoeller cosinus Germany
Agripa Leib   Switzerland  
Fabrice Liardet nabla Switzerland
André Mercier (right)   Canada
Dirk Mergelkuhl   Germany  
Erwin Reich   Switzerland