Saturday - the tournament

The first tournament's results

The friendly tournament's results

The disappointment that came from this year's tournament was the exceptionally low participation by local players. With only six teams at start time, we decided to play two tournaments instead of one, the first being the "serious" one (the quotation marks because there was as usual no prize for the winners).

Knowing who would play the final of this first tournament was an easy bet by looking at the partnerships, as the teams of Maarten Aronsson - Nathalie Eimers (Firefly-TheBestGirl) and Jochem Snuverink - Andrew Stone (Ishamael-FantasticCat) were much stronger than the other ones ; indeed, they made a 2-2 draw together and both won all remaining games. Ishamael-FantasticCat took an early lead in the lively 8-game final, and despite a good fightback by Firefly-TheBestGirl they won 5-3, avoiding the tie-breaker game which would have happened in case of a 4-4 (as they had tied in the round robin).

Who are the unofficial swiss champions ? Well, the only 100% swiss team to take part ! Nevertheless, Abdelaziz Hedri and Laurent Vilaseca put up a good performance, finishing at the join third place, so that their unfought title was at least not undeserved.

In the second tournament we arranged that all partnerships would be changed so that the teams would be better balanced. This tournament was won, not surprisingly but not easily either, by the team having the best player of the field, Maarten Aronsson and Andreas Hollstein (Firefly-schorle).

For Firefly, schorle, FantasticCat and Ishamael, the day had begun as soon as 7:30 AM with a nice guided tour of the CERN (european center for nuclear research), organized by Ishamael. As only FantasticCat had gone to bed at a somewhat reasonable time the night before, the three others had a very sleepy start of the day.

You were there ? Tell us an anecdote ! Author*

nabla24.08.2006, 20:16:21
"What do you need?", asked pagloppaglop to his partner FantasticCat, who seemed to have some initiative. Then he noticed that his opponent had got only pawns on the board...

nabla24.08.2006, 20:18:11
Tjeulesbetes to moosejaw : "Sit"
moosejaw to Tjeulesbetes : "Yes I sit", while playing a move in the same time.

nabla24.08.2006, 20:22:53
fermy warned us that he could arrive slightly late to the tournament, because of a conference in Z├╝rich he had to attend in the morning. The conference lasted so long that it would have made him arrive more than one hour late, at which point the tournament would of course already be well started, so he decided to go back home instead, near Lausanne (on the way to Geneva). But by mistake he chose a train which was not stopping to the station he needed, so he found himself going to Geneva nevertheless ! Good idea as we had scheduled to play two short tournaments instead of a big one, and he could take part to the second one.

fermy25.08.2006, 02:03:34
Actually, the conference was not in Zurich, but in Munster (Germany). And of course, they've cancelled my flight to Zurich, making me miss the first tourney. It got only better from there.

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