Friday - the barbecue

With 12 people attending, this year's barbecue was not the biggest one we had. It was nevertheless as friendly as usual, and ended very late in the night - as usual, too.

You were there ? Tell us an anecdote ! Author*

Robert23.08.2005, 07:00:25
No, I was not there!
Setting up everything in the last minute, I was eventually looking forward to see you. On Tuesday, I called Stefan,
I wanted to leave on Thursday to Zurich. But on Wednesday my car refused to go any further, refused to see Switzerland again.
A service man told me it would be probably too expensive to fix.
Somebody else suggested to buy one on ebay. I really bid for a car, thought it was too low anyway.
Meanwhile I was told that I should change the gear box, which is expensive but affordable. Currently I have one bought on ebay,
and another one, which needs to be fixed. Does this make up for not having been to Geneva??

nabla24.08.2005, 14:02:17
Sure Robert, as far as I can see only your car and Murphy are to blame !

nabla24.08.2005, 14:04:04
I very unvoluntarily launched a fashion of announcing false mates, which proved very effective in winning a lot of time in a game against pagloppaglop. On the next day, RalfiZoller did exactly the same, once more against pagloppaglop, and still unvoluntarily.

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