Friday, welcome barbecue

Most foreign players arrived on Friday the 13th (no car or plane crash to mention), the first one being Marv (who came with his
wife Jadranka), soon followed by Gnejs. Of course bughouse players don't need to be told that the gathering is started to bug,
so there has already been a session of simul bughouse at nabla's place, between Gnejs and nabla-Marv.
This allowed us to discover the strength of Gnejs over the board (same precision, but playing twice faster than on the net!),
but also the best way to beat him, which was to play with some grey pieces on one of the boards. This proved to set enough
confusion to allow Marv and nabla to get an almost positive score, while after we switched to good old black and white pieces
he turned to be unstoppable.

On the evening we moved to Tjeulesbetes' place for a barbecue, where marcusm, dagger and MiRU later joined us. The
occasion to meet (Marv, marcusm and MiRU had already come to the gathering the year before while Gnejs and dagger hadn't) and to play some more bughouse in a very nice place. Many team configurations were tried, only marcusm and dagger always playing together, as they knew that they would partner each other in the tournament.
Although many had a long trip to Geneva, almost all players had announced their intention to play bughouse all night; well, when midnight came, the beds suddenly seemed more attractive than the boards, except as usual for Marv and MiRU.