The European Bughouse Gathering 2001 
Geneva, Switzerland, July 14-16

This major event of the bughouse year attracted 28 players for the first International Swiss Bughouse Championship, but also for playing a maximum of bughouse during the three days of the gathering. The participants included some top european players, including world's best Andre "Gnejs" Nilsson from Sweden.
Here you will find reports and many pictures about what happened on each day, together with results

Friday, welcome of the players
Saturday, the tournament
Sunday, simul of multi-bughouse
Sunday, 4-player tournament
Monday, bughouse on giant boards
Monday, ping-pong
Monday evening

Thank you!

People who helped me and donators.

The participants

The list of the 28 official participants.

The announcement

All details about the official program.

   The European Bughouse Gathering 2001