Sunday, multi-bughouse simul

A spectacular event it was supposed to be, and a spectacular event it was! Let us recall that multi-bughouse is usually played on 2N boards, the winner team being the first to score N wins. First it was supposed to be a sort of ladder challenge for Gnejs, first playing a simul multi-bughouse against 3 opponents, then gaining an opponent with each win and losing an opponent with each loss. This lasted less than expected: after winning against 3 and 4 opponents and losing to 5 opponents, Gnejs was pouring with sweat and had to take a break: true, playing multi-bughouse simul with 5 minutes on all boards requires a lot of energy!
After that, marcusm first try some simul of his own, and then partnered Gnejs to play with 2 players against up to 10 players. Believe it or not, they managed to win one of the simuls against 10 players by 5 games to 4! And the opponents were no beginners...
After Gnejs retired, nabla partnered marcusm, but their 10-board challenge proved a lot less successful, losing 5 games before being able to win a single one.