The European Bughouse Gathering 2000 
Geneva, Switzerland, July 8-10

This major event of the bughouse year attracted 27 players for the first International Swiss Bughouse Championship, but also for playing a maximum of bughouse during the three days of the gathering. Here you will find reports about what happened on each day, together with results and many pictures.

Saturday, July 8

The tournament!

Sunday, July 9

Bughouse on giant boards, 16-player bughouse, ping-pong, challenge match.

Monday, July 10

Extinction Bughouse, birthday cake.

The announcement

All details about the official program.

The participants

The list of the 27 official participants.

Many thanks to Rodolphe Francey (Tjeulesbetes) and Mirko Kratochvila (krat) for their great organisational help, to the four german participants for coming, and see many of you in the 2001 gathering!

   The European Bughouse Gathering 2000