Saturday - the tournament

The tournament's results

What a tournament ! 17 teams playing a double round robin, that is more than I had dared to dream about. True, the tournament direction has not been as present as the years before, because both scheduled tournament directors couldn't resist partnering each other (hum!), and our ad interim tournament director Ferdinando Galeno left at the mid-tourney - thanks to him nevertheless ! But in spite of the number of teams, there were as few problems as usual to solve.

Like in 2006, two teams were above the rest, and those were almost the same teams ! Finding-and-replacing Quirinius van Dorp (Cranith) for Andrew Stone (FantasticCat) would have allowed me to write a tournament report with a minimum effort. Indeed, Jochem Snuverink and Quirinius van Dorp (Ishamael-Cranith) won a very tight final against Maarten Aronsson and Nathalie Eimers (Firefly-TheBestGirl) after both teams came first and second in the same order in the round robin.

The main difference, outside that there were almost three times as many teams, was the presence of semi-finals among the 4 best teams, before the big final. A difference of rather cosmetic value since both top teams won them by 3-0 !

Some days later, Laurent Schneider, who usually always takes part but couldn't come this year, asked Rodolphe about who were "swiss champions". This is when Rodolphe and me realized that we forgot to celebrate ourselves :-).

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Marv03.09.2007, 17:45:44
Indeed, thanks for the gathering, the whole program, the hospitality, the chocolate, the drinks, the good weather, thanks to my partner for being patient with me and my temper. I forgot how great a place to visit geneva is, but theres no doubt that i will try my very best to come back next year. Jadranka says thanks too, she enjoyed it just as much as i did!

Cranith27.05.2008, 13:41:33
Thanks gents for a great tourney and the wonderful bug in the Parc des Bastions. Being on vacation with my wife and son in a camper through Switserland, it was by no means trivial to convince my beloved better half to accept a whole day of "chess". We had a great time in Geneva (and Switserland). The kilo's of chocolate I "won" with Ishamael in the tourney was meant for the folks back home, but it never got there, I can assure you. Another good reason to try and make it to this years gathering.

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