Friday - the barbecue

All foreigners came already on Friday and took part to the welcome barbecue, hosted by Rodolphe Francey (Tjeulesbetes). With the lots of bughouse sets which were available, there has been few time and few room for eating.

You were there ? Tell us an anecdote ! Author*

nabla08.08.2004, 14:31:47
I liked a game from Tjeulesbetes and Laurent Vilaseca very much. While those were up on time by quite a lot, Tjeulesbetes told Laurent to sit and tried to win the game by blitzing out his opponent (I can't remember who it was). So Laurent politely sat (he was playing against KingOfBug), while Tjeulesbetes played some 40 moves at maximum speed, but not faster than his opponent. When it appeared that Tjeulesbetes would not win the game by normal means and that he had also ran down on time, he told Laurent to go. As Laurent had now some 5 seconds on the clock, he just managed to play 2-3 moves before losing on time.
KingOfBug and the spectators then had an enormous laugh, as during all the sitting time, Laurent had a mate in one !

nabla08.08.2004, 14:37:46
In one game played this Friday, ever optimistic wortel had these famous last words seconds before I mated him in one : "All squares are covered"

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