Saturday - the tournament

The tournament's results

With 14 teams, this year's tournament was the biggest we ever had in Geneva. Three teams have been clearly above the opposition, who were Jakobsen - von Zimmermann (venomous-Tecumseh, entry list number one), Mueller-Wortel (marcusm-wortel, entry list number two) and Snuverink - Van Dorp (Ishamael-Cranith, entry list number four on the not very reliable Geneva ranking list).

With Mueller-Wortel finishing the regular tournament at the first places and the two other favourite teams finishing tied one point behind, a decider has been necessary between Jakobsen - von Zimmermann and Snuverink - Van Dorp. The former have been twice leading the match, but Snuverink - Van Dorp managed to equalize to 2-2 to force a decisive game, in which they won in a very tight final time scramble.

The final had to be played in 8 rounds, but only six of them were necessary as Mueller - Wortel dominated 4.5-1.5, confirming their win in the regular tournament in a very convincing style. The only micro-incident had me having to tell wortel between two games that he should arrange pieces on his own time when he was knocking them down, although the opposing team had never complained about that. wortel denied having pressed the clock before rearranging pieces, which did for a good laugh some seconds later, as in the next game he knocked down a piece on move six and pressed the clock at once.

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nabla08.08.2004, 13:54:38
Like it was already the case last year, we had to wait for the late arrival of Hung Fioramonti, for whom 3PM is definitely a much too early time to play bughouse. And as this also made the number of players odd, I had to play in the tournament, delegate the tournament direction to Wayra, and hope that there would be as few problems as possible to solve as the referee. Fortunately and as it is almost always the case, fair-play has been the rule throughout the tournament and I didn't have to interrupt any of my games :-)

nabla08.08.2004, 14:56:42
Just before the tournament, I took profit that masacre and Ilsensine had just finished a game against Cranith (and whom ?) to ask them if they would be kind enough to write down their real names on the paper I brought. Cranith wanted to started another game at once and there was another team available, so he told them "OK, write it down somewhere else".
masacre and Ilsensine didn't move as writing down would take only a few seconds. But the few seconds were enough for Cranith and his partner to move to another board and start a game with the waiting team.

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