Friday - the barbecue

Maybe because we were one bughouse set short, this year's barbecue was not so much about furious bughouse as usual, but more balanced between playing, eating, socializing, enjoying the good weather and nice place. I am always amazed to see how late people stay awake, especially those who either had a long drive in the day, either had to wake up early in the next morning, either both - but that is another story.

You were there ? Tell us an anecdote ! Author*

nabla23.08.2006, 21:41:49
When organizing something you can anticipate a lot of things, but you can never anticipate everything. For instance, I certainly did not expect a van to hit our rented car and having to wait for the police because the van driver did not recognize his mistake. Fortunately, we were ahead of our schedule, which meant that this little accident got unnoticed, except from the two french participants who were waiting for our car to follow us.

nabla23.08.2006, 21:54:42
When Firefly told me that he had a nice bughouse puzzle, I asked him to show it to us, thinking that it would be a fun way to spend some minutes. After he set the pieces up (what a memory, there were pieces everywhere !), he told us that it was a mate in "fourteen, maybe in twelve"...
Nevertheless, a courageous team of solutionnists managed to tackle the problem with a lot of effort, before Firefly introduced another twist by making us look for a second solution !
I was very glad to contribute to shortening this second solution by a lot of moves with a problem-like bishop sacrifice and will try to rebuild the position where it occured.

tjeulesbetes25.08.2006, 00:36:28
A quantic participant who cultivate a "love & hate" relation to bughouse has been finally convinced to join once he heard that we were short of chess boards so that we had to switch to backgammon and the like.

nabla26.08.2006, 18:14:53
Here is the very nice puzzle that came from my contribution to Firefly's puzzle. You can try to solve it by moving the pieces on the board, and you probably should because it is not easy at all :-)

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